Girl’s night out in the big smoke

Some people think that life in Jerusalem is boring compared to Tel Aviv, well I personally do not agree at all.  I love for its intimate village like feel, the fact that you don’t have to wait on line to get into a bar and its lack of pretentiousness.  There are also many reasons that I chose not to live in Tel Aviv – but just because I do not want to live there, does not mean it is not fun to visit.

Last night I met 3 girlfriends for dinner, we had been trying to coordinate this for months, so it was great that we finally all got together.  Tel Aviv has less of a choice of kosher restaurants, but the ones they do have are excellent quality, perhaps Tel Avivians are more demanding of better quality food and service!

We met at Liliyot Restaurant (formally Lilit), on Rehov Dafna (the official address is Beit Asia, 2 Rehov Weizmann) conveniently 2 minutes from the Arlozorov exit of the Ayalon, straight from work it took me 45 minutes door to door and I managed to park right outside.  Liliyot Restaurant is a beautifully designed Mediterranean restaurant that always has a great ambiance and an interesting mix of locals and visitors dining for business and pleasure.  There are 2 private dining rooms at one of the restaurant, both of which were in use when I was there.  Next door is the dairy café called Liliyot Bakery and they recently opened Liliyot Bistro in Ra’anana  – (click here to read my post about it) .
Liliyot Restaurant
The only way to do justice to the innovative menu is to describe what we ate.  My friend and I chose to share 2 starters as they both sounded so good.  We had the Salmon sashimi in “bloody Mary” and soy (47) which was a very interesting combination of flavors and a red tuna sashimi dish (65) from the specials menu.  For main course she and I both had Goose supreme in citrus honey and cinnamon, new potatoes and a granny smith sauce (98). The combination of the succulent goose meat and the sweet apple sauce was just delicious.  The other 2 girls both had Sea bass which they thoroughly enjoyed.

However, the most special aspect of the restaurant is not actually their food.  They are a teaching restaurant and they take on 15 to 30 underprivileged young people and train them in the kitchen, bar and as waiting staff.  The project is in conjunction with a youth at risk charity and is similar to the Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant.  You could tell that our waitress was not your typical confident, post army Israeli girl.  She was shy and was delighted not to have to speak English with us, but she was so sincere and enthusiastic about her job, that she was a pleasure to deal with.  For more information on the Social Action Project, click here.

Whether it is a business dinner, a special occasion or just dinner with friends, I highly recommend you try  all the restaurants in the Liliyot group and let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Girl’s night out in the big smoke

  1. Liliot is a great restaurant! I was so impressed by the quality of the food, the ambiance and its mission! I went there with a bunch of professors from Israel and America and they raved about the meat!! I also used a coupon from בא לי גם!


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