Gym personalities – it takes all sorts

So I am nearly  2 weeks into my one month trial membership at the Akasha gym in the Mamilla Hotel and despite the teething problems they are having, I am really enjoying myself.  Last night I went after work for a good long workout, it was 7pm before I started and the gym was the emptiest I have seen it.
In case I have not already mentioned, I am a HUGE people watcher!  I also thing I am a pretty good judge of character but sometimes my first impressions of people, can be completely wrong – I do have a tendency to judge a book by its cover!  So while I am watching Brothers & Sisters on the treadmill, I took a look around at the interesting characters that were also choosing to spend their evening in the gym with me.

On the elliptical was your typical jock – baseball cap on backwards, working up a real sweat and spending all his time looking at himself in the mirror – no doubt thinking how hot he was.  On the bike was an interesting character, typical short, slightly round, yeshiva looking American guy, I would say late 20s, early 30s.  He started pedaling and then just stopped and sat for 30 minutes on the bike, watching TV.  Every so often he would move his feet round once, but that was it.  I sat on the bike next to him when he finished his “work out” and the machine summary told him he had burned a total of 1 calorie – way to go!

The guys are definitely the most interesting to watch – the ones who look like they are in pain because they push themselves so hard, the ones pumping iron and admiring their “guns”.  But my worst gym buddy last night was a woman who came onto the treadmill next to mine, luckily when I was 25 minutes into my 30 minutes on that machine – and she stank of BO before she had even started.  I am not just exaggerating this either, it was so bad, i had to hold the towel to my face just to survive being next to her for those 5 minutes.  How is it possible for someone to start working out, without checking that they do not smell before hand?  The weirdest part of it all, is that I have seen her in the changing room afterwards, and she dresses well – but she does insist on changing in the toilets rather than giving everyone a show like the rest of us!
I sometimes have to struggle at the end of a long day at work to make it to the gym, but once I am there, it is always entertaining!

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