The Social Event of the Calendar

So tomorrow night is theYoung Hadassah Ballat the Inbal Hotel, an evening of glamor, dancing, drinking and no doubt, a fair share of drama.  I have been looking forward to this event since I knew about it, but as it nears, I can honestly admit, I am a bit nervous.

The truth is, for me what I love about these events is having an excuse to dress up, kick back and have fun with my friends.  Having been here for over 3 years, it is amazing to look back at how different things were when I first arrived.  I didn’t know so many people and I went to these events with a very different feeling.  This time, most of my friends from Jerusalem will be there, I have friends coming from Tel Aviv and I even know people who are flying in because it was a great excuse to come to Israel for the weekend.

After work today I went to get my nails done and tomorrow afternoon I have a hair appointment.  I love the dress I will be wearing – I would have liked a new pair of shoes, but finding them in Jerusalem is not that easy, so I will make do with what I have.

So why am I nervous?  Because there is always that feeling at the back of my mind – maybe this time I will meet someone.  Maybe I should be more worried about meeting a guy than just having a good time with my friends.  What will it be like seeing my ex-boyfriend? – who I no longer have feelings for but I know is coming with another girl.

I know many girls who put in seating requests to sit with eligible men and for them, the evening will only be a success if they meet a guy.  Whereas I decided to sit with my friends and have a good time, if I meet someone, great, but I am determined to enjoy myself either way.  Am I wrong to not define myself by my relationship status?  Maybe yes, maybe no – all I do know is I plan on having a great time and I hope to see you all there!


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