Why I love Wallenberg

Much as I love Jerusalem and think it has a great nightlife – if you are really into the club scene, then it is not really the city for you.  Sure there are a bunch of dance clubs in Jerusalem (Tzaatzua, Izen, Shakuf and Haoman 17) – but they are mostly filled with young Israelis and are not my thing.
I used to love clubbing when I was younger, making sure to be on the guest list of the hottest new club and dancing all hours with my friends.  But the truth is, now I am older, I often prefer a more chilled night out.  I do love going to the clubs in Tel Aviv when I visit but it does not bother me that Jerusalem does not have a real club scene.

Having said all that, I am sometimes in the mood for dancing to good music so when Wallenberg opened up in Jerusalem, I was very excited.  It is conveniently located near the center of town but the over 25 policy ensures that the “one year program” and young Israelis do not get in.  The club was renovated last year and the various different bar areas offer something for everyone.  There is a large outside bar area – with heaters in the winter – which allows people to drink and chat outside and  still feel part of the main action.  But the great music, design and ambience are not even the best thing about Wallenberg– the staff are!  I have become friendly with one of the owners who is only 28 but understands the meaning of the word service and makes sure all his staff understand it too.

So if you want to see the best of Jerusalem nightlife head over to Wallenberg (59 Rehov HaNeviim) and look out for Avi!

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