To date or not to date- that is the question?

I am a very sociable person, I try to go to different places with different people – no one can accuse me of not making an effort and putting myself out there.  I have no problem talking to new people, in fact sometimes I find when I meet new people that I am the one making most of the effort and it can be exhausting.  I do meet new people and it can lead to dates, but generally I go to a party and I talk to the same people I already know and have fun with my friends.  So how is a girl to meet a nice guy? Online?

Over the years, I have tried various Jewish dating website, Jdate, Saw You at Sinai, Frumster and DosiDate but I am not convinced they are for me.  On Jdate I found guys of all ages who are looking for sex buddies.  Some of the other sites are a bit more serious but that also means a bit more boring and I seemed to attract mostly guys that I have nothing in common with and no interest in at all.

So I decided to try some other dating sites that are not specifically Jewish but the advantage of living in a Jewish state, is that the majority of the men within a 50 mile radius are actually Jewish – well in theory anyway.  I met a few cute guys on Are You Interested? a few years ago so I thought I would try my luck with a site a friend recommended recently called OK Cupid.  There are definitely lots of guys on it in Israel and there is a field for religion.  You can normally tell by a guy’s answers if they are observant Jews – especially as one of the questions is – “On a typical Friday night I am…”  What I was not expecting from these sites however was the amount of bizarre messages I would get from men in our neighboring countries!  Messages like “Let’s overcome the hatred between our countries and make love not war…” what about me saying I am “Jewish and very serious about it” makes anyone not Jewish think I would be interested in dating them? – Especially someone from Jordan or Egypt!

But my essential problem with online dating is this – I do not believe that my personality comes over fully online, either in my profile or from exchanging a few emails with a potential date.  So even though I dabble in the world of online dating, usually while watching TV or bored of any real life action, I do not believe that my beshert is waiting for me in the virtual world, I just hope that he is somewhere in the real world!

3 thoughts on “To date or not to date- that is the question?

  1. Well kol ha’kavod to you for trying! I know that I would probably throw up
    from anxiety if I did the Internet dating thing and met up with one of
    them. I would just be so nervous. Good for you though.

    Everyone has their b’sheret, we just have to keep searching!


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