Dining out in the suburbs

Whole Sea Bream

On a recent trip to Ra’anana, I finally got a chance to try Liliyot Bistro, sister restaurant to Liliyot Restaurant and Liliyot Bakery in Tel Aviv.  Located off Sderot Yerushaliyim at the bottom end of Ra’anana close to Herzliya Pituach, the country style French bistro attracts diners from the whole Mercaz area.  We went on a Thursday night and there were at least 3 groups of diners being turned away at the door when I arrived because they had not reserved.  The restaurant is as beautifully decorated as the Tel Aviv branch and the whole place was buzzing but not too noisy.

Grilled Chicken Livers

Grilled Chicken Livers

The menu is totally different to Liliyot Restaurant and fits well to the bistro name.  On the advice of one of my friends who is a regular there, we ordered some of the small plates to share instead of the larger starters, which was the perfect amount of food and much more economical at 18 ₪a dish.  These dishes included Grilled Zucchini in mint and olive oil, Grilled Beetroot with cumin seeds and pickled baby onions and Black Lentils and pickled lemon with garlic confit.

Pot au Feau

Pot au Feau

For main course we tried a selection from across the menu.  Two of the girls shared the Pot Au Feu – beef casserole with root vegetables and cabbage (72 ₪) and Grilled Chicken Livers with potato puree, onion, red wine and figs (58 ₪), I went for the very simple but absolutely delicious Sirloin with French fries and greens (115 ₪), one of the more expensive items on the menu but well worth the extra money.  Our other friends chose the Whole Bream with green rice, red pepper and garlic confit stew (94 ₪) and the Minced Lamb Fougasse with olive oil, onion and sage (62 ₪) which was not what he expected but he really enjoyed it.  All the dishes were well presented but the emphasis was more on the home cooked country taste than anything else.

I plan to go back to Liliyot Bistro again; it is a great place to meet up with friends and family in an informal but stylish setting.  The Liliyot Group does not fail to impress and the fact that all their restaurants combine great food with their social action project is a definite plus in my book! Click here for my earlier post on my visit to Liliyot Restaurant.


2 thoughts on “Dining out in the suburbs

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  2. As a former diner in Israel myself, I wonder how you get the English (or non-Hebrew) names like Pot Au Feu from the menu. Would an Israeli restaurant be sophisticated enough to use that name on the English menu? That’d be impressive!


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