About this blog

I started this blog in 2010 to write about all the wonderful places I enjoyed in the Holy City and around Israel.  As a self-proclaimed foodie who grew up in London and moved to Jerusalem in 2008, I loved discovering local eateries with friends and the added bonus of showing visiting friends and families the great choice of restaurants my city had to offer.  Over the years I became the go to person for recommendations of restaurants and bars which led me to start this blog.

From there I started writing food reviews for The Jerusalem Post – all of which appear on this blog. If you are looking for recommendations for places to eat and drink in Jerusalem, please join my Facebook groups,  Restaurant Club Israel or Restaurant Club Jerusalem and follow the instagram page @restaurantclubisrael .  I also review most places on Trip Advisor, click here for my profile and book hotels using Booking.com.

For health reasons, I recently started following a FODMAP diet so I have started adding FODMAP ratings to my restaurant posts which I hope is helpful to those in a similar situation to me. I also created some tips for following a FODMAP diet in Israel, along with a list of tried and tested places, https://singleintheholycity.wordpress.com/fodmap-in-the-holy-city/.

Feel free to add your own comments and recommendations or be in touch with me directly for specific advice.



8 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. hey single, i love your blog the content and the way your write it. i had one question. is all your reccomendation restaurant kosher? cuz one suburb reconmandation is talking about a restaurant that is open shabbat.


    • Hi Isaac, thanks for your comment! Most of the places I talk about are kosher but when they are not, I try to specify. The cafe in Sataf is halavi but open on Shabbat and the fish places in Tel Aviv and Herzliya are not kosher at all. Up until now, i have not reviewed restaurants in Jerusalem that are not kosher. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive new updates.


  2. Excellent website you’ve got here! I love the layout and the look – really great theme. Also of course the content is good… just wish I still lived in Jerusalem so I could try your reviews out myself!


  3. Hey Single in the Holy City! I also started a blog about being single and dating in Katamon- In Jerusalem! Looks like we may have some things in common 😉
    Can’t wait to start reading your blog!


  4. Hi,
    Have you found a good mani & pedi place? One where they actually sterilize the tools before/after each client?
    Would be great to hear if you did…as I am looking for one!


    • Have you tried Whispers in Mamilla? It is the cleanest place I have been too and I am pretty sure they do sterilize but you should double check. I have been going for a number of years and never had a problem.


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